About DigiToolSC

DigiToolSC is a website optimized for mobile that connects USC undergrads to classes where students work with digital tools. The classes listed in this app will allow students to gain conceptual, practical and professional digital skills.

Do you know of a digital course that’s not listed here? We’re sure there are many; syllabi on the Course Registration pages rarely list digital tools, even though we know many professors engage them. If you have such a class, either as a student or as faculty, please share the course name, number, school and your email address in the comments fields. Faculty use of digital tools is not getting indexed here.

Contact COMM 499 Prof. Kathi Inman Berens
kathiberens [at] gmail [dot] com

About Us

DigiToolSC is brought to you by the magnificent COMM 499 students Fall 2011 + an awesome professor:

Sean Carpenter
William Ford-Conway
Matthew Gray
Keith Koo
Liz Krane
Cynthia Momdjian
Nikki Yep
Misha Yim
Prof. Kathi Inman Berens